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Stamping is the process through which most of the common metal objects we use daily are manufactured. Stamping gives the shape and design to the sheet metal objects we use. For instance, take the case of a metal aerosol spray can. Even this has been manufactured using a stamping press. There are two kinds of stamping presses that are commonly used. These are the mechanical presses and the hydraulic presses. In a mechanical stamping press, a flywheel is used to store mechanical energy and deliver the required force to the sheet of metal. In a hydraulic press, just as the name indicates, hydraulics is used to deliver the required force to the sheet metal. If you are looking for the best metal stamping services, Tulsa metal stamping is your best choice.

hq6MJJAny kind of metal can be worked using the process of stamping. Some of the metals and alloys that are commonly used are aluminum, zinc, steel, nickel, bronze and copper. The size or the thickness of the sheet metal is not a problem; there are presses that can handle all sizes and thicknesses. Different techniques are used to produce specific results in jobs that include metal stamping. If you require holes to be punched in some parts of the sheet metal, deep-drawn stamping is one of the more effective techniques used to produce this result. If it is a relatively small part and speed of production is of essence, then the progressive die stamping technique can be followed which will rapidly stamp the required design on many sheets at the same time.

At Tulsa metal stamping, all the personnel are well trained and qualified to efficiently use the technology at hand. A dynamic training process also ensures that all in-house personnel are constantly in touch with the latest progress in the technology of metal stamping. The ability of the creators is very important for the success of any metal stamping operation and it is ensured that our personnel are well trained to allow the machinery from the presses to tooling to reach maximum potential in their capable hands. Expert design personnel can plan and design your specified part taking into consideration all important conditions like how the part must interact with other parts if any, what will be the best fit for your particular component, what forces it must withstand, how long it must last et al.

When you choose Tulsa, OK metal stamping, whether you are looking for deeper 3D designs like cup or sink recesses to be stamped or you require holes to be stamped onto your metal part, you can rest assured your job order will receive expert attention and produce the perfect results! Your job order will benefit from the latest in technology and the most efficient production process, all of which will lead to cost effectiveness. This is the ultimate destination for the most cost effective production of quality stamped metal parts, without compromise on your time frames either. We deliver what we promise!

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