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Metal stamping includes a variety of sheet metal fabrication manufacturing processes like blanking, embossing, punching, bending, flanging and coining. This is done using machine presses, also called stamping presses. Depending on the part to be produced, two kinds of presses are available, the mechanical presses and the hydraulic presses. Metal stamping technology has grown rapidly in the recent times and presses which have the best features of both mechanical presses like speed of production and hydraulic presses like controlled force application are now available too. Oklahoma City metal stamping is a great choice for you if you are looking for the best metal stamping services. Here, you are guaranteed both quality equipment to handle your job order and the best of experts. This virtually ensures you of the best output!

ULcNO3The expertise of the technicians handling the job can make a world of difference to the finished product! State of the art technology and heavy duty equipment along with the best trained personnel enables Oklahoma City, OK metal stamping to give customers the most innovative and cost effective solutions for all job specifications, whether it is an existing part or a completely new part that needs to be designed from scratch. Here customers are assured of innovative and financially lucrative metal stamping solutions to give them a definite edge over the competition. From a manufacturing perspective too, whether the tooling for an order already exists or new tooling must be brought in, whether temporary or permanent stamping dies need to be created, we strive to give customers only the most cost efficient solutions!

Metal stamping parts are everywhere. In your car, in your computer, in your cooking utensils, in your electrical appliances and even in the electrical switches on your wall! All kinds of metal can be fabricated using the process of stamping. Aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, steel, zinc, titanium and so on are all metals that are commonly processes using stamping techniques. All kinds of metal parts from simple washers to complicated machine parts are produced using stamping techniques. This can be a fairly simple operation where a part is produced by a single stroke of the press or a complex operation where multiple strokes of the press are used in different stages of the process.

If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on the lookout for reliable metal stamping services for your manufacturing needs, you are assured of the most cost effective and innovative solutions through Oklahoma City Metal Stamping. Expert assistance in the design and manufacture of new parts or alternatives to existing parts is provided without any compromise on quality and customers are assured of the best results. Whether it is a small order or a big one, there is no difference in the way your order will be handled by our personnel. We strive to serve the client as a partner in the road to success rather than mechanically take an order and process it. Call us and you won’t regret it!

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