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Can you imagine what life would be like if man had not discovered metal and learned how to use it? We would not have achieved half the level of progress or development we are experiencing today if we did not have advanced techniques of metal fabrication and metal forming. Even seemingly simple things like PEM inserts make a huge difference to the way we can use various metals for various purposes in Oklahoma.

Tool and die processes of working metal have enabled mankind to make even tiny but identical parts or components out of metal quickly, accurately and in large quantities. Oklahoma is no different. Sheet metal fabrication and sheet metal forming processes have advanced exponentially over time, and there is virtually nothing a sheet metal fab shop cannot do, using sheet metal of any gauge. Sheet metal has more uses than any other form of metal.

Sheet metal is metal that comes in thin and flat sheets that are either coiled or remain as flat pieces. A lot of buildings, devices, machines, vehicles etc. have sheet metal components. Metal forms the base of many of our modern buildings and other structures like bridges etc. Sheet metal brackets are used to hold up heavy structures ceiling joists and give additional support and strength to them. Metal welding is what holds structures of metal together and this process though basic is a key process when working with metal.

Welding is done by using extreme heat to fuse two pieces of metal together. Almost all forming processes of metal in Oklahoma use welding as a part of the process. A skilled and experienced welder is a must for every fabrication shop. Even fabrication processes that involve sheet metal bending use welding techniques to arrive at the final shape of sheet metal required. It is impossible indeed to imagine life without metal and metal products!

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